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Japanese Grammar Guide Translations

I have had several offers to translate the Japanese Guide into various languages and one of the reasons I released the guide under the Creative Commons License is to encourage derivative works. That's why I provide a zip file of the site so that you can easily download everything without having to save each individual page.

If you're interested in translating the guide into another language, let me know by sending me an email at [taekim.japanese at] or posting on the forum. I'll post your email here as an image file (to prevent spamming) so you can join or collaborate with others working on the same language. I can also post other information you want about yourself on the page (name, nickname, homepage, etc). I'll also add links to any works in progress here and probably the main page so that people can see how it's coming.

Alternatively, you can also add translations to the Japanese Grammar Guide Wiki.

Please remember that the license is non-commercial and that any sort of profit is not allowed; including ads.

Oh yeah, plus, you don't have to translate my corny jokes if you don't want to.

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