“Have you ever done [X]?”, you can ask a question of this nature quite literally by using the noun for a generic event: 「こと」(事) and 「ある」.


  1. 日本に行ったことはある
    Have you ever gone to Japan? (lit: Is there an event (where you) went to Japan?)
  2. カラオケで歌を歌ったことはない
    (I) have never sung song at Karaoke. (lit: There is no event (where I) sang song at Karaoke.)
  3. お好み焼きは、食べたことがなかったけど、日本に行った時にやっと食べました。
    (I) had never eaten okonomiyaki but (I) finally ate (it) when (I) went to Japan.
    (lit: There was no event (where I) ate okonomiyaki but finally ate when went to Japan.)








Thank you for the email. I wrote that I wanted to practice English but I don’t have much self-confidence yet so I will write the reply in Japanese. I live in a place called Kawaguchi-shi north of Tokyo. Have you ever gone to Tokyo? There are a lot of people and it’s a very busy place. And then, there are lots of tasty restaurants. Have you ever eaten things like Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki? Monjayaki is famous in Tokyo.

As for Smith-san, are you living in America? As for me, I have not yet been to America but I’m thinking I want to go sight-seeing to places like New York and LA. That’s why I’m studying English but it’s pretty difficult and there’s still a lot of things I don’t understand.

Let’s work hard together and study!


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