Making firm requests

While we learned how to ask for favors in the last section, in this section we’ll learn various ways to make firmer requests in the form of a statement.

Using 「ください」 to make a firm request

「ください」(下さい) is a polite way to make a firm request for something. It can also be used with the te-form of a verb to request an action. It can be written in either Kanji or Hiragana though it’s more common to use Hiragana when combined with a verb.


  1. あのペンを下さい
    Please give me that pen.
  2. あのペンを使ってください
    Please use that pen.

Negative verb with 「ください」

In order to ask to not do something, take the negative of the word, attach 「で」, then attach 「ください」 similar to the rule we learned in the last section.


  1. ボールペンは使わないでください
    Please don’t use (a) pen.
  2. 着替え中ですから入らないでください
    (I’m) changing so please don’t come in.

Casual version of 「ください」

「ください」 is a polite expression so in order to say the same thing for casual situation, we can simply drop 「ください」 entirely.

  1. あのペンを使って
    Please use that pen.
  2. ボールペンは使わないで
    Please don’t use (a) pen.

Using 「ちょうだい」 for casual requests

「ちょうだい」 can be used instead of 「ください」 for casual speech. While 「ちょうだい」 can be used by anyone, it does have a slight feminine and childish nuance.


  1. あのペンをちょうだい
    Give me that pen.
  2. あのペンを使ってちょうだい
    Use that pen.
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